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The server is ONLINE.

Welcome to the Worlio XMPP pages. Worlio is a community for the "oldnet" (a time before the smart phone), but our services and platform are available for everyone.

Using our instance

Our XMPP service authentication is tied to our site system. You must register and verify your email address on the site. You can register at Making an account and using our XMPP service is completely free.

Once you have an account, you can reuse your site credentials on our XMPP to log in, with the exception of using your username instead of email. Your JID will be <Username>

Recommended Clients

These are clients for XMPP that we suggest you use, however the choice is up to you. You can also check out the XMPP Software list.

Client Platform Omemo? Notes
Converse.js Web Yes Worlio Converse.js page.
Psi+ Windows, MacOS, Linux via plugin
Gajim Windows, MacOS, Linux Yes
Dino Linux Yes
Conversations Android Yes Free version available on F-Droid.


Our instance supports peering and communicating with Tor and I2P instances. We do not offer logging in via a Tor or I2P address, so your JID will still be from our domain. This shouldn't be used for additional security or privacy.

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